We could really build artificial intelligence. And we could build it so that it is understandable and controllable. To do this, we need the bulk of the various organizations in the world that develop software working together. The marketplace provides a mechanism for working together, as does open source. The real need is an architecture that allows us to work together and build up the necessary complexity level by level.

The obstacle we currently have is that one of those levels has not been developed. That level is the base level for storing and working with information inside a computer program. We can work with data quite well at this point, and we can process lots of data into information. The problem is, we have no way to store the information once produced, work with it or use it in an automated way. More importantly, we shouldn’t have to process a lot of data to produce information. We should already be able to work with information structures and functions as part of our computer programs.

Since we can not yet, this blog is about building the missing level, and using that level to build the stack of technologies all the way up to building artificial intelligence that we know and control and understand.

— Jon Grover


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