Advantages and Disadvantages of Endemes

Endemes are useful for some things and not others.

Not to make light of these disadvantages because they are significant, why do I like them?
1. Endeme sets can play well with each other and a great variety of
information can be stored as endemes
– Things of different types can be compared and even related.
– It breaks down the walls that strict logic creates between similar data structures
2. It is oriented toward storing information much more than data
THEREFORE: Endemes contain a tiny piece of intelligence/information in a theoretically scalable form
– they might be used to build an artificial brain
3. Folk programming keeps creating codes. Endemes allow us to manage them.
4. There are ‘no wrong answers’ in a properly built endeme set.
This means endemes can be used for fault tolerant genetic algorithms,
and graceful degradation in systems.

The main problem with the endeme information structure is that
1. it welds multiple fields into a less machine-accessable format which means:
– it can’t be directly used as an index
– you have to ‘pack’ it when you want to create one
– you have to ‘unpack’ it when you want to get at the information back out.
2. Data is lost when you move it from a numeric to a relative strength format.
3. You have to build an interpreter to make sense of it
4. You have to cram fields together until you can cover everything in scope in 22 characteristics or less

– Endemes are not for precise data: The obstacles mean that endemes are not for everything. For eaxample if you want to store temperature, you might not want to use an endeme for the data, although you might want to use it for the field.


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