Endemes Allow a Computer to Understand Information Better.

Endemes Allow a Computer to Understand Information Better. They will allow you to write programs that understand information. I was recently reading the Wikipedia page on web 3.0. It has a cool diagram showing the information layers of Web 3.0. The Semantic Web Stack:


Web 3.0

To be clear, web 3.0 will use the following technologies to help a computer understand information:

  • OWL – ontologies
  • RIF – rules
  • RMD – key value pairs
  • RMDS – taxonomies

But this is not enough.

Ontologies tell what something means as related to other things. But the things need an initial meaning to transfer meaning to what they are related to. Taxonomies tell what something means in terms of hierarchies, i.e what something is part of
information base on what group something is in, useful but hierarchies don’t tell the computer enough (my intuition says). Key value pairs allow the building of ‘classes’ with ‘members’ and they say what they are made of but still not enough somehow and members tend to be very rigid and hard coded. Rules are useful but tend to focus on what to do with the information/its processing rather than the information itself.

The 3.0 Information Component set has:

a piece of information:
- what it's related to
- what it's part of
- what it's made of
- what to do with it

This still does not really tell you anything about what it means.

A Fifth Information Component Can Address Information Directly

Endemes allow you to include another thing to your informationn collection above.
Endemes allow you to say something about it’s importance The concepts meaningful and important and closely related. So adding endemes we have:

a piece of information
- what it's related to   - ontologies
- what it's part of      - categorization/taxonomies
- what it's made of      - constitution
- what to do with it
- what is its importance - characterization

The ‘what is its importance’ here not only includes a measure of its importance but a qualitative measures of the importance of concepts that it consists of or is defined with. You see endemes provide a set of concepts and the relative importance of each condept in defining a piece of information they define its improtance in qualitative terms rather than quantitative. When you do an endeme query on a list of items defined by endemes then you do get the importance of each of the items based on the query

A Possible Sixth Component of Information is Outcome

You can perhaps add another information component to the mix by addition an item for the future. A concept like ‘courage’ includes  a future part. Courage has to do with taking on things that could hurt me or that might not turn out. This brings in a predictive ramification, creative possibility, planning, strategy, goal, desire, emotion, time aspect
It may be only be relevant within a simulation or context.

This possible new information component relies on:
1. outcomes and goals(desired outcomes)
2. context – related to rules above
3. actions – related to strategy above.
For information, we only really need the outcomes list. The rest of the items get into a whole ‘nother ball of wax.




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