The Third Dimension in Programming

You can think of level 3 as adding a third dimension to programming. The first dimension is database, the second dimension is object orientation. The third dimension is information orientation. As with the analogy, the third dimension allows you to cover much more ‘space’ with less code. 10x10x10 is 1000, whereas 20×20 is only 400.

Adding the third dimension in programming allows generic programming where we would have done ad hoc programming before. This is why having the right tool helps. It allows generic programming rather than ad hoc programming. Ad hoc programming is programming on a case by case basis rather than generic programming which is using a consistent approach. Ad hoc programming uses different structures for the same thing. Generic programming provides the same structure (or perhaps a few generic structures) for the same thing.

This is they key to why adding a third dimension reduces programming cost. It makes some ad hoc things into standardized things.


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