Building a Sparse Grid Through Attention Management

I have seen grids in UIs that have dozens of columns, and the user has to scroll right a page or two to see all of the items.

We can build UI grids that show only the columns a user wants or needs to see. Columns could be added and removed in the grid as desired by the user. We could build an attention management endeme or two to indicate which columns to show. Each column would have an endeme and a user would have an endeme to identify which columns they want to see. Using endeme matching the desired columns would be shown. The organization could also have an endeme identifying which columns are important in the business situation for each grid. In addition, columns with data changes, unusual values or critical values could be moved into those columns shown. Users could add and remove columns, changing their attention management endeme if they so desire when they do this.

The advantage of this is increased productivity by the user because their attention is managed toward what they need to see, i.e. cost savings. Another advantage of this is that many more columns could be included as possibilities in a grid. Instead of having a few dozen, the grid could handle a few hundred columns. More data when managed thorugh attention management endemes means a user that is smarter in their decisions resulting from seeing the data, i.e. cost savings and added business opportunity.


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