Design Endeme Sets to Model Information

How to Design Endeme Sets

Designed to Combine: Each characteristic in an endeme should be designed to combine with any of the others resulting in a large number of possible emergent properties as they combine.

I sometimes takes years: It sometimes takes years to develop a good endeme set. It has to be both compact in its length and perfect in its application and excellent in its ability to combine its elements. By perfect, I mean its combinations cover what it needs to cover and its combinations do not generate bunches of ‘invalid’ results.

You have to start abstracting: Once you have gone beyond 22 items.

To test an endeme set: you can test/develop an endeme set by thinking of something it should describe and seeing if the endeme set can produce an endeme covering it.

What about two endeme sets?: Sometimes you will need more than one endeme set to describe something, but at least one of them has to be really good and essentially capture the essence of the thing being described. Creating two at the same time to work together or to parcel out the domain space does not work well. Focus on one until you have it well done, then go and make another if there is more domain space to cover. For one thing, it’s hard to do functions for situations if you have multiple endeme sets completing a situation.


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