The Dreams of Computer Programming

The dreams of computer programming:

  • The dream of writing a true AI program.
  • The dream of writing programs to meet our needs and desires and to provide benefits to us, for example including increasing productivity.
  • The dream of extracting information from data by writing a program.
  • The dream of a general purpose problem solver that for example can fly your car, cook your eggs, play chess with you and write a symphony etc. the key idea being that it is able to tackle whatever problem you might set it.

We have not met these dreams yet. Instead, true AI is still very far away. Only a fraction of our needs and desires get met. Instead of writing programs we use big honkin’ data mining and big data tools. We still write specific programs to do specific things.

I think the problem is that software development has reached a glass ceiling because we have not developed level 3 programming yet.

Level 3 programming requires three things

We need general programming, domain programming, and level 3 programming frameworks:

  1. General programming is what we do right now with object oriented coding and object oriented code reuse.
  2. Domain programming has to do with mixing our programming with concrete exececutable models of combinable, permutable concept lists focusing on the concepts and concept groups of the domains. i.e. endemes. This is just another definition for endeme sets.
  3. A level 3 programming framework allows us to execute the executable models of combinable, permutable concepts. Rather than just complaining, I think it is important to also provide solutions to resolve what I complain about. Therefore, I am working on a level 3 framework. My latest framework is posted here.

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