The Cost of Bad Information

The world GDP is about 75 Trillion.
More half of people are mismatched to their jobs which means they are working at less than half productivity.
More than half of managers are not matched to being managers which means that their employees are working at half productivity.
Information could tell us how to match most of these people with the proper job.


               Matched managers              Mismatched managers
               Matched        Mismatched     matched        mismatched
               individually   individually   individually   individually   Total
------------   ------------   ------------   ------------   ------------   -----
Now, without   25%            25%            25%            25%            75 T   (8.3*9)
Productivity   100%           50%            50%            25%            56%

With           100%                                                        133 T  (8.3*16)
Productivity   100%                                                        100%

Just with this one information measure, we are currently working at about 56% productivity.


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