What is Programming?

Programming is all about defining the meanings of words and using them to do things.

Our next step is to write programs that handle the meaning of words or something analagous to that. I could call this ‘Managing data using word meanings’. ‘Finishing the processing of the meaning of words’. or ‘Finishing the processing of words’.

I am thinking about the need to make a case for the existence of level 3. Very little work gets done on this level as far as I know. So maybe level 3 does not exist.

My Case for Level 3

My case for its existence is – there are bits, numbers, words, and sentences

Level 4 is all about relationships
level 3 is all about meaning
level 2 is all about data
level 1 is all about storage

level1 1 2 and 3 all seem to have something to do with the meanings of words:
level 1 provides the storage
level 2 provides the processing of words using hard coded context, for its precision.
level 3 completes the meaning of words
level 4 puts the words in context

Maybe Typing is the Problem

maybe compilers are not the problem. maybe typing is the problem. Not just strong typing, any typing. We need something more flexible, and yet still processable. Xml is a form of context, however it has the hard coded typing problem. Why is hard coded typing a problem? Because hard coded context itself can not be processed. Is that the real problem?

The idea of meaning for data and context to manage it

Context is critical. relationship is critical but it is not primary. The meaning of a word by itself is critical. We need to learn how to handle words. We have made words hard processable. Now we need a layer on to op the hard processable words that finishes
the job of lower level programming.

What will it take to finish the job of meaning aside from relationship?

1. context processing – contexts are a sort of relationship but what I mean by context is context by class and table.
– the ability to process that context is important – is this level 3 or level 4?
– the part that is level 3 is the part that manages the contexts of levels 1 and 2
! we need a context manager.
2. endematic meaning – the meaning of the word (mostly) by itself – in other words the definition of a node in a graph.
3. the meainig of words
the endeme set to be applied – is this level 4?
4. a system to store a words meanings and endeme sets

endeme – enumerated meme – this is the definition of an endeme in A.I. terms.


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