What Kind of Software Developer Are You?

Technology    +-------------+          User
Focus         | User        |         Focus
              | Interface   |
| Integration | Object      | Information |
| Orientation | Orientation | Orientation |
              | Data        |
Network       | Storage     |            BI
Focus         +-------------+         Focus

There are five kinds of software developers. Many developers cover more than one kind. Object Orientation is the core of programming. The value of specialization is that you can get more work done, with higher quality, and better service to users if you assign tasks to the software developers that specialize in each kind of task. The value of information is that it can tell you what specializations are needed for each tasks, and which software developers have which specializations. The value of endemes is that they provide a framework for seamless specialization information gathering and use.

  • Integration oriented developers specialize in IT, integrating systems, using pre-built systems, using frameworks, maintenance programming and troubleshooting, new technology integration, and system architecture.
  • Object oriented developers specialize in data structures, architectures, framework building, middle tier development, and computer languages, testing, and UML.
  • Information oriented developers specialize in domain based design, user needs, endemes, knowledge representation, business intelligence, business rules, business needs and middle tier development, user concepts, and information modeling.
  • User interface developers specialize in user interface coding, layout, UI design, UX, usability, mobile, web, desktop and user concepts.
  • Data storage developers specialize in databases, SQL, NoSQL, performance, data modeling, load balancing, and database administration.

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