I Miss Wiki Wiki Web

I miss wiki wiki web
It feels like a deep hole in my soul now that it is no longer active
we could go there and talk about general programming issues
We could work on each other’s stuff.
I feel sad.
Like a part of me is gone.
Like my community is gone.
Like my family is gone.
when I do a search for subjects I am interested in, often
the old wiki wiki web pages come up near the top of the search.
I want to go to them.
Fiddle with a few things.
Improve things a bit.
Feel like I am part of something.
Wiki wiki web was a general community where we could talk about general
software development concepts and issues.
The wikis that exist now all seem to be special purpose focused on one specific technology.
Not places for me. I am a generalist.
I feel sad.
I wish wiki wiki web would come back.
Is there a general place for software development conversations?
I guess stack exchange comes closest to one.
But it is a forum not a wiki.
I really loved working with the wiki format.


One thought on “I Miss Wiki Wiki Web

  1. Inte nÃ¥gon som blir förfärad över att man ger fiktiva karaktärer mänskliga rÃT?githetert¤Ã¤nk pÃ¥ vad det kan sluta med.


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