Businesses Face These 11 Key Relationship Challenges

Here are the 11 key relationships that businesses must handle properly to succeed.

  1. Relationship with technology — technology, adaptability, design, innovation.
  2. Relationship between quality and growth — balancing quality and growth.
  3. Relationship with people — customers, employees, vendors, clients, development.
  4. Relationship with with self — organization, integrity, internal metrics, vision.
  5. Relationship with with talent — managerial & employee talent, hiring, training, compensation.
  6. Relationship with with cash flow — profit, revenue, health insurance etc.
  7. Relationship with with capital — capital, investing, investors.
  8. Relationship with with data — information <-> data <-> internet.
  9. Relationship with with the market — new markets, competitors.
  10. Relationship with with the future — planning, risk, uncertainty.
  11. Relationship with with society — regulation, social media, reputation.

These 11 relationships come from the Business challenge endeme set below

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV|lt Label            complements    num   descriptive
A]C-E-            -T- |A. Adaptability/tech    D tech->u      2   Technology/technial infrastructure/adaptability/embracing change
[B]     I      P R    |B. Bottom line          H money->u     1    Increasing profit and revenue/margin erosion
 [C]       -M-  -R-   |C. Customer             V u->cust       3  relationships/loyalty/marketing/service/insight/latent needs - Business managers must properly identify the needs of their consumers or business customers/Customer experience/clients
  [D]                 |D. Design/innovation    A u->tech    0     analagous to energy vs acceleration
 -D[E]                |E. Exploding data       J data->u     1    data explosion/data to informtion conversion
 -C-[F]               |F. Funding              M invest->u          capital
     [G]              |G. Growth               Q G/Q?         1    Business growth/scaling/globalization/multiple versions
      [H]             |H. Healthcare           B u->money     1    insurance coverage
       [I]    -P-     |I. Integrity            O metrics->u       3  Internal metrics/integrity/performance/speed vs quality/metrics and integrity/trust
                      |J. J-?                  E u->data    0     information to data conversion/artificial creativity/representational interfaces/reports/dashboards/internal reflections on the internet
 -C-     [K]M-        |K. Know Market          N mrkt->u       3  knowledge/the market/the competition/protecting market share
          [L]M-       |L. Leadership           T ldr+wkr      2   management
 -C--F-    [M]        |M. Manage finances      M u->invest       3  Financial management/cash flow
AB-       -M[N]       |N. New business         K u->mrkt       3  Attract business/marketing strategy/adjacent markets/time to market
             [O]      |O. Organization         I u->metrics    0     structure/incentives/organism/ideas/vision/mandate/governance/internal churn/mining IP
              [P]R-   |P. Problem solving      U event->u      2   and risk management
-B-  -G-       [Q]    |Q. Quality              G Q/G?         1    balancing quality and growth
                [R]   |R. Regulation           S old/new?       3  and compliance/government
-B-           -PR[S]  |S. Social reputation    R new/old?      2   reputation/social media/publicity/Brand/marketers with analytical skills and digital media savvy
 -C--F-H-     -PRS[T] |T. Talent/Staff         L wkr+ldr       3  Talent/hiring/recruiting/competencies/people
              -P--S[U]|U. Uncertainty          P u->action      2   uncertainty/Planning/Strategy/long term/short term/tool box approach
   -E-              [V|V. Vendors & employees  C vend->u     1    career path for techies/advancement/training/learning/Vendor, Employee and Supplier Engagement/Vendors
                                             +- A. Adaptability/technology
                              +- technology -+- D. Design/innovation
             +- x-ware -------+                      |
             |                |  growth/     +- G. Growth
             |                +- quality ----+- Q. Quality
             |                                       |
inward ------+                               +- I. Integrity
             |                +- self -------+- O. Organization
             |                |                      |
             |                |              +- L. Leadership
             +- human --------+- talent -----+- T. Talent/Staff
                              |                      |
                              |              +- V. Vendors/employees
                              +- people -----+- C. Customer
                                             +- N. New business
                              +- the market -+- K. Know Market
             +- the industry -+                      |
             |                |              +- E. Exploding data
             |                +- data -------+- J. J-?
outward -----+                                       |
             |                               +- S. Social reputation
             |                +- society ----+- R. Regulation
             +- the world ----+                      |
                              |              +- U. Uncertainty/planning
                              +- the future -+- P. Problem solving
                                             +- B. Bottom line
                              +- BH ---------+- H. Healthcare
money --------- BHFM ---------+                      |
                              |              +- F. Funding
                              +- capital ----+- M. Manage finances



A. Adaptabilty/tech challenge endeme set:

 B  E   I        R    |. LEGACY TECH    Legacy technology                       - endematic extration of information entities
                 R T  |. RIGHT TECH    correct technology to apply to somethng - endematic choosing of technology
        I         S   |. SCALING    scaling and infrastructure              - ? - IT no IN
    E              T  |. EMBRACE CHANGE    training and embracing change           - endeme created ad hoc teams to advocate and teach
        I   M         |. INTEGRATION    integrating systems                     - endematic data integration through data semantics
     F       N  Q     |. NEW QUESTIONS    new features/questions/dashboards       - endematic glomming of databases
     F         P      |. PROCESSES    support of new/changed processes/flows  - ?
A    F           R    |. DEV FOCUS    technology development focus selection  - endematic resource allocation
           L N        |. NEW/LG BALANCE    balancing resources: legacy vs new      - endematic ROI and resource allocation
                    U |. USEABILITY    making sure people can use it           - endematic proxies and wrappers
   D        M        V|. MIGRATION    migration from old to new systems       - endematic data version integration through data semantics

I. Internal metrics challenge endeme set:

qualitative software development metrics?

J. J-? challenge endeme set:


information to data conversion
artificial creativity
representational interfaces
internal reflections on the internet
data production for search engines

K. Know market challenge endeme set:


|. adaptability to markets                – endematic niche focus, and market direction resource focus

O. Organization challenge endeme set:


|. software and technology re-use        – endematic software repository & can endemes make software easier to reuse? – endematic source code analysis
|. document and knowledge re-use        – endematic document repository
|. incentives, clear ‘policies’        – endeme set: keep job/make no mistakes, take risks/investigate opportunities, cost savings, personal incentives, budget/project based, structure/department based
|. teamwork, team mutual knowledge        – endemes to show each team member about the others, and which tasks to assigne each
|. fluid organization            – endematic ad hoc team building

P. Problem solving

Spot the key problem

T. Talent/Staff challenge endeme set:



corporate culture fit


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