Technology Suicide Sickens Me

To see people committing technological suicide, and to rope me in as being part of it, leads me to feel nausea. I feel like throwing up when I have to build reports. Reports are a form of technological suicide, reports are where data goes to die! Instead of being able to use the information extracted in the report, it goes onto a piece of inaccessible paper or goes into an inaccessible format. yock.

Instead of using the information that reports create to build this stack upward, the information just sits there. My focus is to build this stack, and to have to know that my energy is going to push technology in the opposite direction offends me. There I said it. It is a vile and unconscionable waste of my customers’ mind space. It leads to them thinking that they can not work with the information once provided, using programs that can be built to meet their needs. It leads to deadening of the soul and the senses. Also the business rules are essentially buried in the database. Reports are bad.

I go back and forth between wanting to cry and wanting to vomit.


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