Programmers Should Stop Misleading Users

Users see the wrong things so they can’t ask for the right things. Programmers work really hard to convert data to information to show the users based on user needs. These are ad hoc conversions of data to information as data is moved to the UI for users to use. But then the users don’t know how it has been produced and ask for things in the ad hoc information terms the programmers were able to shape things into which are the wrong terms to use with a programmer because the programmer does not live in the world of information.

This is not as much a problem in new development, but this is a huge problem in maintenance development where usually different programmers are doing the development than those who did the original development. This may be part of why maintenance development is so expensive.

Programmers mislead the users by creating a world for them that is not organized the same way and does not reflect what is behind the UI.

My goal is to build a common information world that both programmers and users can use.
Then they can interact more easily, productively and without misunderstanding. Level 3 and Level 4 could be used for this purpose.


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