Metadata Endeme Set

Here is an endeme set for various common kinds of metadata:

A]C-                  |A. creator/artist/The person or organization who created the content
[B]  -G-      -P-     |B. bundle/product/group/part of/album/collection
 [C]             -ST- |C. classification/taxonomy/topic/subject/class/genre/Content TypeTree/type
A-[D] -H- -LM-O- -S-  |D. orientation/direction/Aspect ratio/height/width/length/size/duration/magnitude
   [E]                |E. Encoding/compression/bit rate
    [F]          -S-  |F. format/schema
     [G]           -U-|G. GUID, Unique identifier,universal id
  -D- [H]     -P--S-  |H. Provider/distributor/The organization who provides and distributes the content/Host/server/source/publisher
       [I]  -NO-  -T- |I. item/track/ordinal/number
 -CD-   [J]      -S-  |J. jurisdiction/domain/scope/coverage
         [K]      -T- |K. keywords/tags/subject
          [L]         |L. language
  -D-      [M]N- -S-  |M. description/narrative/summary/comment/meaning/definition
          -L[N]   -T- |N. name/title/label
 -C-         [O]-R-   |O. copyright/owner/legal owner/rights/Provenance
 -C-      -L-O[P]     |P. place/location created/modified/location shown
                [R]   |R. rating/parental rating/Item Star Rating
A-             -R[S]T-|S. shown/target or intended audience/recipients
  -D-             [T] |T. date and time/creation/modify date time
             -OP--T[U]|U. usage/platform/operating system/technology context
   D       -M-  -R- [V|V. Milestone/Version/revision/draft

TA    creation date time
TV    modification date time
PA    location created
PV    location modified
PS    location shown

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