Information Could be Used to Handle Islands of State

The original object oriented idea of islands of state is best handled at Level 4.

Since we don’t yet have adequate level 3 constructs this wi9ll not happen practically until level 3 is built and level 4 is built on top of level 3.

To get around the object oriented ‘hierarchy’ – avoiding object orientation:
– ORM style programming
– Stored Procedures
– UI Frameworks

Object Orientation is really for building frameworks, not applications.
object oriented vs functional programming -> data structure oriented vs data operation oriented programming.

Organizing data structures and operations can be done at level 4. Level 4 can handle various data organization schemes. Can level 4 handle various operation organization schemes? I suspect so and I hope so, but I don’t have enough experience with operation oriented (functional) programming to tell.

A similar question: can level 4 handle aspects?

Object orientation’s problems:
– hierarchy
– fields
– function/operation location



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