Dates Can be Handled As Information

TimeDate Endeme Set

  |ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV|Ltr     Label    Description and alternative labels
1.|A]                    | A . 1  AD/after    After year zero
1.| [C]      -L-         |[C].    Chances     likelihood,never,always,percentages of the time,rarely,often
1.|  [D]  -I-    -P-R-T- |[D].  2 Duration    precision,period,date only,datetime,range - timespan - interval
1.|-B-[E]  -J-   -P-  -U-|[E].  2 Ending      past,before,yesterday - range direction,until
1.|AB- [F]          -S-T-|[F].  2 From        future,after,tomorrow - range direction, starting,beginning
5.|  -EF[GHIJK]          |G-K. 1  [GHIJK]     year,day,hour,minute,second,length,lightspeed
1.|          [L]         | L . 1  Local time
1.| -C-        [N]   -T- | N . 1  Now         today,current
1.|             [O]      |[O].  2 Of          ordinal,xofy,day of week,month,year,friday,time only
4.|[B]        [M][PQ]    |BMPQ  2 [BMPQ]      Ordinally,every thursday
1.|    -F-H-     -P[R]   |[R].  2 Repeating   period,frequency,hertz,wavelength,meters,periodic,period
1.|   -E-    -L-    [S]  | S . 1  Savings tm  leap year,day,extra day,daylight savings time,extra hour
1.|                  [T] |[T]. 1  Timezone    vs unspecified timezone
1.|     -G-         -S[U]| U . 1  Unspecified general (vs specific),unfixed,floating
1.|AB-  -GH-J--M-  -R- [V|[V]. 1  V-gregorian Julian,roman,hebrew,hindu,mayan,regnal,Julian
  |ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV| parser-logic-groups:  (ANS)  (GHIJK)  (BMPQ)

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