Endemes are an Information Structure


Information Structure: Endemes store information rather than data. Because only the relative strengths of each characteristic are stored no hard numbers are stored, only relative strengths among the items. Endemes can be used to store permutations of concepts

– Primary: Information is stored in the relative position each characteristic has with the others.
– Secondary: Information is stored in the way the characteristics relate to each other.

– Field thinking: Fields are not really related in in any organized sense. The question is, when do you add something as a field and when do you use an endeme and add it to an endeme set. We have been trained to look at things as fields. endemes have a different paradigm

– Endeme thinking: Endeme characteristics tend to be measurements, relative to each other. If you have fields you need to organize you might use an endeme set.

– Endemes and Fields: If you have endeme characterisitcs that you start coding the meanings for, you might switch to a field, or build an entire endeme set for the field. If you have a field that you want to have multiple values in, you might switch to an endeme set.


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