And Me, My, I – en de me

I use the made up word endeme a lot on this site. It is a bridge between O.O. and K.R. Looking around the web for the use of ‘endeme’ I found the following quotes in Dutch which I converted to English using Babelfish:

(zonder hoofdletter hoor ik wijlen André Peytier nog zeggen, met hoofdletter betekent het Iridium!) en  de   me zelf cadeau gedane job titel: ‘President’. 
(without case I hear late          Andr  Peytier say,        with a capital  means        Iridium!) And made my self present       job title. "President '.
[and made my]

vond  dat  met die verhuis dozen leuke actie,  en de me is  overal altijd agressief,             niets   nieuws, die   jongens zitten  thuis   onder de  plak.
found that those moving boxes    fun   action, and   I  was        always aggressive everywhere, nothing new,    those guys    sitting at home under the thumb.
[and I everywhere]

Een muurschildering met  de  boom en de me to you beer is         in diverse formaten te maken en zijn geschikt voor de normale en  grotere babykamers
A   mural           with the tree and   me to you bear is dealing in various sizes    and      are     suitable for     normal  and larger  nurseries
[and me is]

It seems that ‘en de me’ means something like and me, and I or and my in dutch with the ‘de’ being the beginning of a word somewhere later in the sentence.


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