Sometimes We Need to Embed Meaning in a Computer Program

Information can be thought of as data that has meaning. Digging around the web I found some thing that people seem to think are involved in meaning. Data can be supplied with meaning through:
– description   – data semantics
– importance    – endemes                 (seriousness)
– relationship  – knowledge representation (causal)
– process
– community
– use-purpose
– security – access/permissions
– communication
– situation/setting/relevance
– logic/propositional logic/truth value
– function
– history/time/date
– event/noun/verb/adjective
– implementation
– commonness
– statistics
– grammar semantics/Chomskyan internalist semantics
– variables system
– text before and after it – “Words and sentences that occur before or after a word or sentence and imbue it with a particular meaning.”
– creator

These are mostly forms of context. The “theory of meaning” is discussed at Interesting keywords are meaning, context, importance, description, relationship, purpose.

Components of Meaning Endeme Set

Here is an endeme set regarding some implementable components of meaning.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV|ltr Label        Levels: Implementation Tech    additional terms/description
A]            (P)-S-  |A.  Access       ..3.... Permissions            security, role based security
[B]C-  -I--L-         |B.  Bridges      .2..... SOAP etc.              Communication, interaction, channels, lines, dataflow
 [C]                  |C.  Community    ......7 Agents                 Communities of agent - Level 7.0?
  [D]            -S-  |D. *Description  ..3.... Data Semantics         Semantics
   [E]              -V|E.  Events       ....5..                        <Event/verb>
 -C-[F]            -U-|F.  Frequency    1......                        Commonness,Ubiquity
     [G]  -L-    -S-  |G.  Grammar      ....5.. Syntax                 language
  -D- [H]     (O) -T- |H.  History       <ugh>                         past,temporal/time/date/timestream/timeline/change
       [I]    -P-     |I. *Importance   ..3.... Endemes                Priority - weighting - Endemes - Level 3.0
    -F- [J]        -U-|J.  Job          ....5..                        Function(,Use)
         [K]    -R-   |K. *Kowl. repr.  ...4... Knowledge representatn Relationship - Level 4.1 (or 4.0, 3.9)
          [L] -P- -T-V|L.  Logic        ....5.. Propositional logic    truth value, truth
-BC-   -I- [M]        |M.  Making       .....6. CBR                    Implementation,built,construction,internals
 -C-        [N]O-     |N.  Noun/object  .2..... Objects                <Noun>/category/object
 -C-         [O]      |O.  Origin       ......7                        Creation,Creator
    (F)       [P]     |P.  Process      ...4... Workflow               flow
A-         -M- [Q]    |Q.  Quality      .....6.                        Adjective,Modifier/Decorator
                [R]S- |R.  Relevance    ....5..                        Situation/setting
           -M-   [S]  |S.  Statistics   1...... Statistical measures   median/mean/mode/spread
                  [T] |T.  Textual pos  ....5..                        textual position, text before and after it
              -P-  [U]|U.  Use          .....6.                        Purpose, roles
     -G-   -M-    -U[V|V.  Variables    .2..... Variable system        gaming/toy/universe model description
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV|                 2332632 - 2 or 3 at each level except A.I. where meaning is the focus

Levels are: 1)R.DB., 2)O.O., 3)D.S., 4)K.R., 5)A.I., 6)C.C., 7)C.o.A.



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