Building a Better Integrated Time Charging System

We could use information oriented software development to create a better integrated time and employee managing system. It would manage the following integrated features:

Endeme Set:
A]      -J-           |A. Assignment    Job assignment
[B]    -I-   -O-      |B. Business      ideas, opportunities
 [C] -G-        -RS-  |C. Creativity    Skunk works, research
  [D] -H-      P-   -V|D. Days off      Vacation, PTO, Holidays
 -C[E]            -T- |E. Expenses      Travel time, commute
    [F]       -P-     |F. Flow          Workflow, processes, procedures
A-   [G]      -P-     |G. Geographical  place, time
 -C-  [H]         -T- |H. Hours         Time Charging, clock in,out
       [I]        -T- |I. Incidents     Trouble tickets, tracking
    -F- [J]  -O-      |J. Job Functions Ongoing tasks
A-C*     [K]M-   -S-  |K. Calendar      Schedules, Availability
          [L] -P-     |L. Long jobs     Projects
 -C-       [M]-P--S-  |M. Money         Salary, compensation, pay
A-          [N] -R-   |N. Needs         Requirements, available work
        -J-  [O] -ST- |O. Orders        Tasks, short jobs, work orders
       -I-    [P]     |P. Passions      Personal interests
A-         -M--P-     |Q. Project phase Agile development
       -I-   -O-[R]   |R. Relationships Interactions, organization
A-               [S]  |S. Skills        Abilities, experience
A-                [T] |T. Talents       Aptitudes
              -P-R-[U]|U. User Position Responsibility, permissions
      -H-       -R- [V|V. Virtual work  Remote work, work from home

GKS.RT    - Availability
MNE.ALP   - Budget
HMI.E     - Business metrics (qualitative and quantitative)
AMR       - Contracts
BTC.P     - Growth opportunities
ASN.MPTV  - Hiring
TAJ.PRN   - Job re-engineering
GKR.QM    - Meetings
QKL.ANRST - Project management
BRN.GP    - Prospects, client relationships
GST.MP    - Resources

There are some big packages that do this so competing is probably out of the question. These packages to tend to miss a lot of these items however. That is a result of the failure to incorporate information oriented techniques in the development of the packages.


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