Hard Coding and Soft Coding

Soft coding is introduced on a level by level basis, with each level benefiting from the soft coding at its own level and the ones below it.

  • level -2 (paper and pencil) hard codes document version
  • level -1 (notepad) soft codes document version and hard codes literal order
  • level  0 (spreadsheets) soft codes literal order and hard codes literals
  • level  1 (rdb) soft codes literals (as variables) and hard codes instances
  • level  2 (oo) soft codes instances and hard codes variable context (as members with hard coded names)
  • level  3 (data semantics) soft-codes variable context and hard codes highly complex data structures
  • level  4 (knowledge representation) soft codes highly complex data structures and hard codes program functions
  • level  5 (artificial intelligence) soft codes program functions and hard codes synthetic operations
  • level  6 (computational creativity) soft codes synthetic operations and hard codes program instances
  • level  7 soft codes program instances as agents and hard codes communities of agents
  • level  8 soft codes communities of agents

These are general tendencies, you can find exceptions.


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