Getters and Setters in Information Programming

I suspect that something like this discussion will occur once we get into doing a lot of information oriented software development. I do a lot of that however since there are no existing frameworks for it, I have to build my own framework, and since you never know what each piece of a framework will be used for you end up having a lot of getters and setters. Once information programming reaches the point where messaging becomes a major part of it, then getter/setter reduction as desciribed in this this article may apply. Or it may not. It’s too early to tell.

One distinction that may make the difference here is the D in LIQUID. D stands for drill down access and vertical architecture which is a principle of information oriented systems. It is a principle because drilldown is part of a data items information context. I don’t know yet whether this will affect the advisability of having lots of settters and getters yet.


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