The Great Divide in Programming

The Great divide, information and programming

My motivation has always been to use programming as a tool to work with information.
My motivation must be vary rare. Programmers like to program, they do not like to work with information.

In conversation last week I learned that

Programmers only want to do what the compiler forces on them. The problem with only doing stuff the compiler forces you to do is that the compiler is the problem. Code that is accessible to a compiler is ‘hard coded’. Hard coded information is the obstacle that prevents us from working with information as a variable. We need to work with information as a variable to move to the next level. How to solve this?

Perhaps I need to create a plug-in for Visual Studio that shows programmers what each letter in an endeme means as part of Intellisense. Endeme Sets have characteristics with labels so that information is theoretically available. There is something called GhostDoc, something called cop and something called nimble text which does something like this.

The Great Divide

The BI department seems to be the people who want to work with information. And there is a lot of other information work that can be done besides BI work. The problem there is that they can not move tot he next level because they do not want to program. They rely on big honkin’ tools that other companies provide to do canned operations. Those canned operations do not move us to the next level of This Stack. There is a natural ceiling to the power and the level of a pre-programmed tool.

This Causes a Problem

To move to the levels above information, you need to program in a stack of
thing which each support the levels above and are supported by the levels below. Big honkin’ tools provide inactive reports which are generally inaccessible to the levels above. You can’t program off of them. That is the problem with application software. You can not go in and use its functionality in another program.

There is a Solution

To solve this problem we need to to This Stack programming. We can get started right now. There is nothing stopping us except perhaps an unwillingness to do it, and perhaps that I still need to put more of my stuff out there.

People think that information people don’t program and programming people
don’t information. My contention is that the reason for this is that the simple technologies for information programming have not been available and that programmers don’t information because they have beaten their heads against the information layer too many times and have given up trying.

I see my job as providing the simple information oriented technologies that will allow programmers to information.


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