Comparison Check Micro Language

I have been thinking more about micro languages based on endemes.

Here is a possible micro language for comparison check logic:

A. Above         Above, Greater, Greater Than, Over
B. Below         Below, Before, Less Than, Precedes
C. Changed       Changed
D. Day,Date      Day, Date
E. Equals        Equals, Equal, Equal to
F. Finishes With FinishesWith, Ends with
G. Generalized   Generalized, Soundex
H. Hour          Hour
I. In List       In list, Contains
J. Year          Year
K. Kit           Given, default, now, zero, blank
L. Like          Like, Likeness, Levenschtein Matrix, Endeme match
M. Month         Month
N. Not           Not
O. Or            Or
P. Present       Present
Q. Quarter       Quarter
R. In Range      InRange
S. Starts With   StartsWith
T. User Spec     Customer specified
U. Union         And
V. Week          Week

You have to write a whole series of 'micro' programs to get
much done. You can separate the programs with commas.
Or you can use regular program logic in a program of some
standard language and run the micro programs from within it.

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