3D Linked List Micro Language

I built a system ages ago for creating, navigating, and deleting
linked list items in three dimensions.

   /  /  /  /|
  +--+--+--+ +
 /  /  /  /|/|
+--+--+--+ +--+
|  |  |  |/  /|
+--+--+--+--+ +
|  |  |  |  |/
|  |  |  |/

This endeme set contains operations that navigate, and
manipulate a three dimensional linked list construction.
The way it works is this: Think of a cursor with a primary
and secondary direction, sort of like the letter 'L' in
which the primary direction is the long stroke of the L
and the secondary direction is the short stroke of the L.
Now think of all of the following operations as operating
in either the direction of the long or the short stroke or
in the case of a rotation in the tertiary direction which
is the rotation around the long stroke. Turns would be 90
degree changes of direction of the long stroke either into
or away from the direction of the short stroke. These
allowing movement, creation and destruction in 3 dimensions:

3d linked list operation endeme set:

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV|lt equiv. attributes   label     notes
A]C-     J L          |A. O..A . A        1   Attach  Connect/Directed link
[B]                   |B. FMF  .  M       1   Back    back up, opposite of Move forward
B[C]                  |C. C    .   C      1   Create  Build Item
 B[D]              -U-|D. D    . A        1   Detatch Unlink/Break link
 -D[E]                |E. E    .   C      1   Erase   Delete item in the primary direction
    [F]               |F. TT   .      T   12  Flip    reverse primary direction and secondary orientation
-B-  [G] J   -O       |G. O..G .     J        Goto    Goto(mark)/Jump
      [H]          -U-|H. H    .     J        Home    Root/Up/upper lefthand corner, primary right, secondary down
       [I]            |I. TDU  . A         2  Isolate unlink in secondary diredtion
-B-     [J]L-         |J. O..J . A        1   Join    Back link/Link from
         [K]     -ST- |K. O..K .        V     Kite    Swap/Trade values
          [L]         |L. RRR  .    R       3 LeftRot Rotate Left 90 degrees
    -F-    [M]        |M. F    .  M       1   Move    Forward
            [N]       |N. TEU  .   C       2  Negate  delete the item in the secondary direction
           -M[O]      |O. O    . A   J        Orient  Mark/not just a node but a position too
A-   -G-      [P]QS-  |P. Q    .        V     Put/Pull Query/Access/Get/Object retrieve/Push/Set/Store Object
  -D-F-        [Q]S-  |Q. Q       M        2  Quiet   Sink/Fall/Decline
                [R]   |R. R    .    R       3 Rotate  Rotate Right 90 degrees
                 [S]  |S. RR   .    R       3 Spin
                  [T] |T. T    .      T   12  Turn    turn the primary direction 90 degrees in the secondary direction
                   [U]|U. TTT  .      T   12  Unturn
                -R- [V|V. TMU  .  M        2  Vault   Rise

Atrtribute Key:
A)ttachment, C)reation, J)umping, M)ovement, T)urning, R)otating, V)alues
1)in primary direction, 2)in secondary direction, 3)in tertiary direction, 4)to orient mark

This is not just a 'reduced' instruction set but a 'used
only once' instruction set where each instruction can only
be used once in a 'program', for example the program below
called 'knit' which can be used repeatedly to zip two
linked lists together:



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