The Business Talent Endeme Set

Here is the business talent endeme set. It is based on the idea that various kinds of intelligence are good for doing various kinds of work. can be used to hire, reassign job functions, reassign people, grow  teams, address objectives, and train.

  1. When used to assign work, a different endeme gets built for each job function and each employee and they are matched up based on who matches which job functions best and which job functions are most important to have accomplished well and quickly.
  2. When used to grow teams and address objectives, an endeme is built using this set that best matches what is needed to accomplish the purpose of the team or the objective, and even if there are few job functions in the team related to that objective, someone is brought in that matches the overall objective.
Business Talent Endeme Set
A. Advocacy / Appearance
B. Bravery / Pressure
C. Creativity
D. Deduction
E. Emotional Intelligence
F. Financial Intelligence
G. Growing / Learning / Teaching
H. H-presence
I. Inductive Reasoning / Diagnosis
J. J-physical Intelligence
K. Kinetic Intelligence
L. Language Use / Linguistic Intelligence
M. Mechanical Intelligence / Manual Dexterity
N. Navigation / Networking
O. Organizational Intelligence
P. Practicality / Expedience / Politics
Q. Q-recognition / Matching
R. Reason / Cause and Effect
S. Service / Help
T. Teamwork / Influence
U. Utility / Office Work
V. Visual Intelligence

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