Endemes are a Form of Semantic Data

I have spent 10 years studying and researching endemes. I am now trying to figure out where in the software development ecology they fit. I think they would best be considered part of the branch of CS called semantics. The difference being that instead of endemes being focused on compiled keywords (language semantics), they are more focused on information that can be stored and manipulated (data semantics). In other words the lower level or node level of information structures upon which ontologies operate. They provide a bridge between business programming and knowledge representation by defining the ‘nodes’.

The Endeme as  a Semantic Entity

I also like the term meaning representation as a lower level information structure as a parallel to knowledge representation, a higher level information structure. Endemes can be used to define fields in a database or members in a class. They can be used to contain status, type, meaning, importance, and other qualitative information. Endemes can be used to store all sorts of meaning in a form that can be used in object oriented programs as long as they do not get too object oriented.

The requirements of semantics seem to be:

  1. Semantic entities need to be active in code.
  2. Semantic entities need to contain meaning.

Endemes can be used for both.

On top of which can be built

Then knowledge representation can be used to organize these semantic nuggets of meaning which can be useful for storing, defining, implementing and operating on data organizational structures, and user interface layouts and meaning organizations for users.

Then artificial intelligence can pick these structures up to analyze situation as implemented in information structures, producing additional information structures which can then be used on the flip side of the coin by computational creativity to synthesize the sorts of things that the artificial intelligence analyzed, the knowledge representation organized, the semantic structures defined, the object oriented code implemented, and the relational databases stored.

That describes This Stack. I think now I should start thinking about changing my diagram in the header. I need to change the information layer labels from the specific implementations to the general subject areas.



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