An End Run Around Programming

Reports are an end run around computer science. They miss levels 2 and 3 of this stack. Reports operate off of data in a database and ignore object oriented programming and information oriented programming. They provide information in a mostly static form that then does not get used by other programs. They are essentially DOA.

Data mining / big data has the same problem.

The problem is that the results of reports and data mining can not be stacked any higher, so as long as we focus our information needs on reports and data mining, we will not advance.

Now with data mining it might be possible to process the results into endeme and ontology structures. I would love to know more about the forms that information can resolve in as a result of data mining, big data etc.

You can do much better information oriented work with information oriented development. The problem is that information oriented software development is not a recognized field. It is not recognized, possibly because the tools and techniques to do it are generally unknown.

One of the goals of this site is to teach information oriented tools and techniques and to make them available.


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