What is an Endeme?

An Endeme Set:

A set of (optimally 22) words that can be placed in a series any order yielding a different meaning for each order, in which:

  • The first word in the series has the greatest effect on the resulting meaning.
  • Each word thereafter has a gradually decreasing effect.

An Endeme:

An instance in which each word is represented by a different letter,


An endeme is a list of 22 aspects of a situation which stores their relative strengths. Generally, each characteristic is assigned a letter and an endeme looks like a string of 22 letters.

I call it an endeme because endeme means together in Old English and what an endeme does is it welds a number of pieces of data together and creates a piece of information as an emergent property.

Endemes are one of the main information data structures used to power level 3 of This Stack.

Thinking of your three favorite pizza toppings in order creates an endeme. The endeme set is the set of common pizza toppings, the endeme is the three that you chose in order.

Endemes are good for working with combinations of concepts.


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