The Easy Revolution

I’m just a simple engineer. I have visited Stack Exchange Computer Science and found that most of what they are talking about is over my head. Architectural, framework, pattern and service work tends to be a bit over my head also. I can do some of that but I mostly just write code and handle simple problems. It seems simple to me to handle the problems that businesses face by writing a program. If they have information needs, then I want to write a program to fulfill those needs. These days that seems to be a radical concept but it actually works.

The simple revolution

The revolution I am proposing is simple. It has to be because most of those software developers working in business are simple programmers like me. You don’t need whole bunches of architecture, frameworks, patterns and services understanding to be part of the revolution although they can certainly help. You just need to learn a few more classes and how to use them.

The revolution I am proposing is easy. It needs to be easy enough so businesses can use it with average programmers. So we can all be involved. The revolution needs thousands or millions of businesses to be involved because the goal of the revolution is to build true artificial intelligence, and brains are pretty complicated things to program. So we need an infrastructure / environment / milieu for sentience development. To do that a significant chunk if not the majority of businesses need to be involved to some extent.

The revolution is likely to work because you don’t need to be a top-flight software developer to use it. It uses mostly basic programming concepts with some information concepts thrown in as simple classes to be used by simple instantiation and use.

What You Can Do

My coding method is racially different and yet easy to implement. At the present stage of the revolution, it essentially includes just adding a new primitive to your tool-set and knowing when to use it.

  • You need to know what endemes are and how to use them.
  • You need to be able to recognize the difference between a customer information need and a customer data need.
  • You need to be able to write code two different ways, one way to handle data and the other way to handle information.
  • You need to figure out how to build software so the level above can use it.

That’s pretty much it. With a million simple engineers developing software I’m sure we can handle it.


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