Staffing a Full Stack Project

If you are staffing a full stack project you will need about 10 people, or at least have people who can together wear about 10 hats.

You will need a database developer, an object oriented developer, an information oriented developer, a knowledge representation expert, and artificial intelligence developer, and computational creativity developer, a front end developer, and network integration developer, a project lead, and a level integration specialist. You may also need a general IT person to handle infrastructure and a business analyst to handle contracts.

The integration specialist may be the most important person. They will need to help all of the other people develop so that each level is developed to be used by the one above, and so that each piece of work gets assigned to the right person and so that the stack built compiles and links together and continually works.

The lead person, works closely with the integration specialist to identify proper assignments, and works with stakeholders. The primary job of the lead person is to make sure that the stakeholders are aware of what a full stack program can do, and don’t ignore out the value provided by information and artificial intelligence layers. Since this stack is so far outside the mainstream, the lead person ends up being trainer of customers and stake holder to help them break out of their data oriented thinking and see what they can actually get for their money.

Each person needs to work closely with team members responsible for the layers above and below them.


One thought on “Staffing a Full Stack Project

  1. inteleg, si evident ca pt cei carora nu le place sau nu stiu, chestii ca hidre, carriere sau zeloti nu au nici un de alta parte, si eu uram cu pasiune StrraaCft (si Heroes3) inainte sa am ocazia sa le joc …


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