Information Is Scary

information is scary
 - if it is true it may tell you things you don't want to know
 - it is not under control
 - users define the format, filter, and fields
 - results are not precise
 - results are powerful - revealing
 - it is exciting, warning, guiding

Comparing the difference between information and information technology

Information Programming        Information Technology        Information Workarounds
-----------------------        ----------------------        -----------------------
  business rules             - logical business rules        business rule engines
  (concept based search)     - field based search            keyword search
- HCI/CHI/UX                   console apps & debuggers      RDMS & BI tools
- usability                    programmer think              Phd think
  profiles                   - totals                        graphics
  interpreters               - strong typing, classes        cleansing data
  Traced UI's                  integration programming     - Untraced UI's
  dashboards                 - field and screen UI's         reports
  complex data sets          - large data sets               BI
  (characterizations)        - patterns                      ontologies
  customizable UI            - specified UI                  giant tool UI
  conceptual programming     - modern programming            special language programming
  code reuse                 - ORMs                          WORN
  MPV                        - MVC                           MVVM
  (soft exceptions)          - hard exceptions               corrupt results
  reveal anomalies           - sanitize anomalies            ignore anomalies
  generators                 - factories                     computational creativity
  content interpreters       - CMSs, Sharepoint              semantic webs
  (trickling, managed threads) - multi-threading, events     <undeveloped>
  (information awareness)    - Networks, services            semantic nets
  (endemes)                    structures                    freetext
  inherent & vector graphics - ascii & vector graphics     - ascii & raster graphics
<undeveloped>                  FTP, Protocols              - Email
<undeveloped>                - API's                         screen scraping
  information constructs     - Artificial intelligence       Neural Networks
  dynamic queries              ad hoc queries              - saved queries, sp's
  wikis, attention management  forums                      - social media
  writing programs (& using) - writing and using programs    using programs (& writing)

multi-threading information means compiling information from various
services over time with real-time modification of information (trickling) ()


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