I Have Discovered Knowledge Representation

I have discovered knowledge representation. Knowledge representation is what I have been calling Level 4 or Ontologies. I just found out that this is the formal name for the area that these occupy. I asked a question on one of the stack exchange sites about correct keywords to look for work being done in information oriented systems and someone there gave me the keyword ‘Knowledge Representation’. Sometimes it takes me a long time to get on the same page with other people.

Knowledge representation is a better name than ‘ontologies’ because it would include other types of knowledge representation than just ontologies. Various other kinds of relationship systems would work in that level also. I always found the term knowledge representation to be a bit off putting. It sounded too high level and too advanced to be included in the sort of business programming that I do.

It does give me an excuse to call my information database system idea a ‘knowledge base’ however and not seem like I am trying to make more out of something than it is since some people are already clued into knowledge representation systems. I will have to change my diagram at the top of this page however.

Knowledge Representation is the higher level information level. I have not wanted to use the word ‘knowledge’ in my work because it sounds too high level, expensive, and impractical for a supervisor to accept. I want to see artificial intelligence grow naturally out of business programming and I suspect that the word ‘knowledge’ will be off-putting to most supervisors.

Words that might be less off-putting than ‘knowledge’ would be ‘relationship’, ‘layout’, and ‘interactive’ which also exist at level 4.

OK, so level 4 is knowledge representation. What then is level 3? Meaning representation?


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