Freetext endeme set

Freetext is a form of information that exists in 
databases and user interfaces. Programs generally
have a terrible time trying to work with it. This
endeme set is a beginning attempt at an information
design which will handles freetext more effectively.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV|Ltr Characteristic   Meaning, alternates
A]C-          -P-     |A. Article           post/column
[B]    -I-   -O- -S-  |B. Big picture       interpretation/summary/overview
 [C]                  |C. Comments
  [D]                 |D. Description
A- [E]        -P-     |E. Error             problem/anomaly
    [F]               |F. Formatted
  -D-[G]         -S-  |G. Granular detail   specifics/data
  -D- [H] -L--O--RS-  |H. High level report output/document/results/summary/layout/dashboard/results/outcome
       [I]            |I. Information
   -E-  [J]L-         |J. Journal           log entry /event
 -C-E-   [K]L-  -R-   |K. Knowledge         reason/explanation/clarification/logic
          [L]         |L. List
           [M]        |M. Message
            [N]       |N. Notes
             [O]      |O. Other option      possibility
       -I-    [P]-S-  |P. Proposal          pitch/suggestion/idea
               [Q]    |Q. Query
                [R]   |R. Reply             response/reaction
 -C-             [S]  |S. Status            condition
  -D-        -O--R[T] |T. Text data         output/results
 -C-E-    -LM-   -S<U>|U. letter            mail/epistle/send/communication
 -C-         -O-    [V|V. View              opinion/commentary

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