I feel very isolated and alone.
I feel alone because I do not find people with my perspective on the net. I have searched for years. Which is not to say that there are many other people whom it would be great to connect with. It’s just that it seems like my field does not exist or somehow I have been unable to identify it.

Who am I looking for:

  • people who want to write programs to work with information as opposed to just data. Not that there is anything wrong with building programs that process just data. Most important programs do just this. It is just not my focus.
  • people who want to find a practical and strong link from business programming to artificial intelligence programming. A link that can be multi-industry.
  • people interested in information oriented data structures – information structures.
  • fuzzy logicians who want to broaden out to investigating other fuzzyish kinds of programming.
  • people who want to build this stack from relational database to computational creativity.

I intend this blog to be a conduit to find such people and anyone else interested in building This Stack.



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