This Stack

It is possible to build artificial intelligence, a computer program that is in some sense alive. To do this we will need the combined work of hundreds of thousands to millions of programmers and thousands of companies.

The way I see computer science is that it is a stack of layers, one built upon he one below.

Level 1

The first layer is relational database. This provides a foundation of high performance and data persistence.

Level 2

The second layer is object oriented programming. Object oriented programming supports entities, conditional (business) logic and precise data handling. It is the data oriented layer.

Level 3

The third layer is information oriented programming. Information adds meaning to data. It also provides the context for data. Information is best stored and managed using endemes and soft-coded structures. A soft-coded structure is  like a class with abstract members rather than concrete members. An endeme is like a reorderable bitwise enumeration. The third level provides the meaning to the nodes in a graph.

Level 4

The fourth level has to do with relationships. I call it the ontologies level but it is much more. It has to do with all sorts of relationships. Meaning and therefore information is stored in relationships, for example a dog [is a] animal. This is an inheritance or subcategory relationship. Since the fourth level has to do with finding meaning in relationships, ( the edges), it needs a level below it (level 3) to make the relationships meaningful by relating things (the nodes) that already have meaning.

Level 5

The firth level in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence works better if the stuff it is sorting, searching, analyzing, weighting, comparing, and understanding already has meaning before the A.I. code starts processing it.

Level 6

The flip side of the anilytical artifical intelligence level 5 is the creative generative, synthetic sixth level. The theory is that once a program understands something at level 5, it can use that understanding to create things.

Level 7+

There are more levels above level 6 but without a solid stack from level 1 to 6 it does not make too much sense to talk much about them.  Most of our speculations would become strong if we had a strong day-to-day working experience with building and using levels 1 through 6. We don’t levels 3 to 6 are mostly academic exercises, and anything higher is not well understood.

Levels 1 through 6

Every kind of programming has a natural level at which it can thrive and at which it can be easy to write.

I don’t have a clever name for ‘this stack’. It would be nice to be able to call it something more descriptive than ‘this stack’. I intend to move this stack to a regular web site and install wordpress rather than doing what I am currently doing, that is to have a free wordpress site at wordpress. However I can only do this once I come up with an appropriate name for This Stack.


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